Human Resources and Risk Management


The Human Resources and Risk Management Department is responsible for providing excellent customer service to our customers in an efficient, timely, and reliable manner.

Our Department oversees all employee recruitment and selection, with the goal of attracting a highly qualified and talented work force.  Our Department has established quality standards of performance to ensuring a highly qualified workforce.  The Department is also responsible for administering employee compensation and benefits, facilitating labor relations, offering training and providing a safe, productive work site.  Through the administration of labor contracts, we encourage effective working relationships with the City's employee associations.

We support a "customer first" attitude by establishing a spirit of cooperation and being a trusted and valued source of human resources knowledge and expertise.


The Department of Human Resources and Risk Management provides full-range hire-thru-retire services, with a dedicated focus on recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a high quality work force.  We do this by managing top-notch recruitment and selection efforts, engaging, developing and leveraging talent, minimizing risk, maintaining positive labor relations, and achieving strategic HRD goals and objectives.

The Human Resources Division facilitates the following organizational functions and employee transactions:

•    Employee Benefits
•    Employee Benefits Administration
•    Employee and Labor Relations
•    Employee Training&Development
•    Classification and Compensation
•    Discipline and Grievances
•    Leave Program
•    Memoranda of Understanding Administration
•    Performance Evaluations
•    Policies&Resolutions
•    Recruitment & Selection
•    Job Descriptions and Salary Schedules
•    Open Recruitments (Full-Time and Temporary/Part-Time)
•    Promotional Recruitments
•    Federal and State employment law compliance
•    Other functions related to Human Resources Administration

The Department also provides staff support and coordinates the activities of the Personnel Commission.

The Risk Management Division's purpose is to identify and minimize exposures that could result in financial loss to the City.  Risk Management is responsible for the administration of comprehensive loss prevention programs that incorporate current practices and philosophies that are most effective in preventing injuries, vehicular collisions, liabilities, and damage to equipment and materials.  The Department provides consultation and management services in the areas of workers' compensation; general and auto liability; insurance procurement; employee insurance benefits, including life, long term disability, and State Disability; employee safety; uninsured losses; and public loss prevention.

Staff oversees the processing of all workers' compensation and general liability claims.  The division will identify and arrange for training programs to assist employees in the performance of their job duties to minimize exposure to injury.


Haydee M. Sainz, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management
T: (310)603-0220, ext, 221

Yolanda Delgadillo, Personnel Analyst III
T: (310)603-0220, ext, 221

Human Resources Office
11330 Bullis Rd
Lynwood, CA 90262
T: (310) 603-0220, ext. 221

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