The mission of the Public Relations Department is to serve as the primary link between the City and the Neighborhood Block Watch, and enhance the collaboration with the Sheriff’s Department with our Advanced Surveillance and Protection Program (ASAP). The goal of the department is to connect neighborhoods, businesses, and City government to facilitate effective public municipal compliance and to enhance the quality of life for all Lynwood residents and businesses.


The Public Relations Department serves as Liaison to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and Fire Departments, Neighborhood Block Watch, Services Request Division, We-Tip and Graffiti Tracker contracts, Video Surveillance, and Red Light Camera operations. The department will also continue to work with the Sheriff’s Department to enhance our collaborated Advanced Surveillance and Protection Program (ASAP).

Public Relations Contact Information

Deborah Jackson, Public Relations Director

310-603-0220 ext. 501

Ramon Galindo, Administrative Aide

(310) 603-0220 ext. 298