Block Watch

It is the goal of Lynwood Neighborhood Block Watch to unite the citizens of Lynwood to work toward common goals for the betterment of Lynwood. The Motto: UNITED WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE implies that community leaders and law enforcement alone cannot prevent crime from occurring in a community, nor, can they insure congeniality of a community.

To effectively reduce crime an promote harmony in a community, the public must be involved and take an active role. To this end, Block Watch Programs have been organized. Through these programs the public is shown how to care for their community and to look our for each other. This is accomplished by showing block members how to take care of their neighborhoods and to call the Sheriff's Department at 323-568-4800 whenever they see any suspicious activities.

The Block Watch program is used as a means to disseminate information to insure public awareness and as a vehicle for the public to express their needs and concerns. This is achieved at monthly meetings. Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Lynwood Community Center. At these meetings, advice and assistance is offered to the community. Block Watch is the backbone of community policing, while providing a friendlier and safer neighborhood. LOVE THY NEIGHBORHOOD!

Building and Safety

Code Enforcement
This special section of the Environmental Service Department was created for providing a place for the citizens of Lynwood to contact for information about their concerns, questions, or complaints about things like:


The Code Enforcement Division is in charge of all City Codes and Ordinances. The Department responds to issues requiring non-compliance. The department's ongoing objectives are to:

  • Ensure that all zones (residential, commercial and industrial entities comply with the City's Municipal Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Housing Codes.
  • Comply to the policies and programs set by the City Council

How to file a nuisance complaint

Common Code Violations and complaints

Code for health and safety
Property maintenance guidelines have been established by the City Council in the form of ordinances in the Lynwood City Code. These ordinances provide an equitable basis for instilling pride of ownership, responsible property management, and a sense of community, while fostering the quality of life we enjoy in Lynwood.

The Code Enforcement Officers investigates complaints, provides information, and answers any questions. You are encouraged to call the Code Enforcement Department for any assistance at (310) 603-0220.