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Marisela Santana

Public Information Officer

City of Lynwood, Public Relations Department

Office:  (310) 603-0220 ext. 502  




Animal License Canvassing

Efforts Begin in City of Lynwood


LYNWOOD, CA – Officers from the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Control will begin canvassing the Lynwood vicinity on Nov. 14, to ensure residents are in compliance with licensing requirements for their cats and dogs.


Pet owners are advised to be in compliance with licensing, along with keeping their pets’ vaccinations up to date, and with micro-chipping. Residents who are not in compliance with animal control laws will be subject to license fees and delinquency charges.


“These canvassing efforts take place every year to make sure that pet owners are responsible pet owners,” said J.D. Whitaker, the City of Lynwood’s Parking Control Manager, who also undertakes minor animal control enforcement roles.


The Parking Control Department isn’t just a parking control department, Whitaker said.


“We want to make sure pet owners are responsible for their pets,” Whitaker said. “It isn’t easy having to deal with animal calls. Often times, we respond to calls about dead animals. We get calls on stray dogs and stray cats, or about people dumping entire litters into the large trash bins. We get to deal with all of that, so it’s important to the City that pet owners spay and neuter their pets, and to have them microchipped, so that when they get lost, they can find them. If you’re going to be a pet owner, then it’s our job to make sure you’re a responsible pet owner.”


Pet Owners:


Licenses for Dogs

Unaltered - $60

Altered - $20


Licenses for Cats

Unaltered - $10

Altered - $5


Senior Citizens, 60 years and older, pay $7.50 per license.


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