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 Buy Local/Buy Lynwood

The Greater Lynwood Chamber of Commerce

Promoting New Campaign to Fuel Economy


LYNWOOD, CA – With the holidays just around the corner, there’s no other more perfect timing than now for the newly installed Greater Lynwood Chamber of Commerce to kickoff their first “Buy Local/Buy Lynwood” Campaign, designed to encourage local residents to shop local for the holidays.


When shopping for the holiday season – and beyond - Rajen Dhaliwal, President of the Greater Lynwood Chamber of Commerce, wants people to think outside of the box.


Owner of TAJ Office Supplies here in Lynwood for more than 20 years, Dhaliwal said he’s not sure shoppers/consumers know that big box name retailers know how to track shoppers/consumers by their zip codes.


“When our residents shop in other cities, those big box retailers track residents’ transactions by their zip codes, making it easier for other cities to attract big box name retailers,” he said. “If they don’t see our own shopping in our own zip codes, then of course, big box retailers aren’t going to come here to build, what for, if our residents are shopping in other zip codes.”


Even though the City of Lynwood is in talks with several big box name retailers, Dhaliwal said he knows he can’t change the way they think overnight, but he’s hoping that Lynwood residents will want for Lynwood, what he wants for Lynwood.


“A community is like a family, if one doesn’t cooperate with the other, then none of us gets anywhere,” he said. “If businesses improve, then employment rates improve. It’s like a chain. The stronger the chain, the stronger the community. When our residents support our local businesses, then everyone prospers.”


The effects of a successful “Buy Local/Buy Lynwood” Campaign will catapult the City’s businesses to offer their customers better products, better services and overall, better prices, said Dhaliwal.


“Small business owners can only succeed with the support of their communities,” he said. “Everyone benefits when sales improve. We are hoping that this campaign can change the way people think about shopping and encourage them to shop in Lynwood this holiday season and always.”


The idea of small business owners encouraging local consumers to shop locally is not a new idea. The concept mirrors that of the Los Angeles-based Recycling Black Dollars non-profit organization set up in the mid-1980’s to help fuel the local economy.


Had the world-wide web existed back then, the concept would have been said to have gone viral. Soon the concept of recycling Black dollars, was spun into Latino communities, and into Asian communities, and then into cities across the country as they encouraged their residents to – bottom line - spend their money locally.


“If only our residents remembered that if they support their local businesses, if they spend their money in their own zip codes, that their support will boost the community’s economy,” Dhaliwal said. “Only good things can come from residents buying local, buying from Lynwood.”


One year young, The Greater Lynwood Chamber of Commerce is actively looking for new members. With about 45 members, Dhaliwal said that in time, he hopes that every business in the City of Lynwood sees the benefits of this new organization.


“There are a lot of advantages that business owners can have in being a member of their local chamber of commerce,” he said. “The more businesses join the chamber, the stronger our business community becomes. Not only do we keep our businesses informed, but we also support each other. If one of us doesn’t sell something that a customer needs, then it’s in our nature to send them to a business that does. It’s what a business community does to stay strong, and it’s exactly what we’re asking from our community when we ask them to buy local.”


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